Dog Grooming

Black and brown dog in a bath licking their lips.

From basic hygiene and nail trims to full-service grooming, our Dog Grooming services offer everything you need at Simonton Pets to ensure your pooch is pampered from tip to tail. Book now!


Conveniently Located Dog Grooming


Simonton Pets is conveniently located near the following communities. We look forward to serving you and your pet.

  • Fulshear, TX - 5 miles west of Fulshear on FM 1093

  • Wallis, TX - 6 miles northeast of Wallis on FM 1093

  • Pittsville, TX - 7 miles southwest of Pittsville

  • Orchard, TX - 6 miles west of Orchard on Simonton Rd

  • Brookshire, TX - 10 miles south of Brookshire off FM 1489 S

  • Brazos Country, TX - 14 miles southeast of Brazos Country

  • Weston Lakes, TX - 4 miles west of Weston Lakes

Border collie being combed.
Dog grooming ashley

Meet Our Groomer, Ashley!

My name is Ashley Grayson and I am a Professional Pet Stylist. I’m a local Texan and a United States Army Veteran. I have been in the Pet Stylist industry for 6 years and have trained under some of Houston’s greatest Pet Professionals. I believe that the pet industry is always changing, and it is my job as a Pet Stylist to continue learning new techniques and styles to further the happiness of my clients and their Pet-parents. Educating Pet-parents on how to properly care for their pet’s coat, skin, ears, teeth, and nails is important to me. I believe that maintenance on these things at home will not only save the family a lot of money at the vet but will also insure the overall happiness and wellbeing of the pet, which for me, is also my top priority.


Another goal of mine is to ensure that the animals in my care get the individualized care that they need while also making them look their best with my attention to detail. I pride myself on taking the time to get to know each animal and their likes and dislikes, so that their appointments are less stressful. The bond between Pet Stylist and creature is sacred. I have two rescued 4-legged beasts in my own family. A Schnoodle named Sunny, who is my absolute bestie, and my babydoll, K.Cup, who is a Shih-Tzu mix. In my down time I enjoy listening to music and taking long drives with my kids through the countryside, where we admire all the natural beauty of our great state of Texas. I also like to fish, garden, and bug my husband while he works in our garage. I’m excited to be working so close to home at Simonton Pets and look forward to meeting all the wonderful Fur-babies and Pet-parents within the area.


Dog grooming ashley

Meet Our Groomer, Kaitlyn Brown!

Kaitlyn is from a small town in Mississippi. Her and her husband made the move to Texas when she landed a job as a dog bather. She has always been an animal lover and knew early on that she wanted to learn how to groom dogs. The groomer at the salon she worked at taught her everything there is to know about dog grooming, and she’s loved every minute of it since then. Kaitlyn takes pride in her work and is dedicated to creating a bond with each pet and their owners to ensure a positive, stress-free grooming experience. She also loves to stay up to date on all the latest trends and grooming techniques to make your pup looks and feels their very best. Kaitlyn has four fur babies of her own, her dog (Pudgy), cat (Kitty), and two ferrets (Lucy and Gus). She looks forward to meeting you and your pup soon!